Biggest Loser- trading one eating disorder for another

screen-shot-2014-02-04-at-8-07-55-pmAnybody who just finished watching the Biggest Loser has noticed the big, fat (or should I say gaunt, sickly) elephant in the room.

Rachel Frederickson is scary skinny. Not healthy skinny, not athletic skinny. Scary skinny.

She weighed in at 105 lbs and won the Biggest Loser season 15. What’s more, she set a new record for the highest percentage of weight lost at a staggering 59.6 %.

She walked out from behind stage looking like a strong breeze would knock her down. The camera panned to Jillian and Bob’s faces, which were anything from excited. They looked confused, mortified and concerned. Jillian’s mouth hung open and she said “Oh my God”. There was no sound, but her face said what we all were thinking.

That is not healthy We should not be promoting that.

It looks like Rachel traded one eating disorder for another.

And I’m hugely curious to see how this works out. One of two things will happen: NBC will open up about how they don’t endorse Rachel’s choices. Bob and Jillian will do interviews and clarify what the show is about. Scenario two- the more likely- NBC will keep their big fat mouth shut. The trainers will not be allowed to comment, and NBC will pretend there is  nothing objectionable about what just happened. And maybe Jillian speaks out anyways, at the risk of her job. She’s like that. And I would respect her for it.

Maybe Rachel starved herself just to win $250,000. and honestly, I can’t blame her. And I’m not all that worried. But if she has become anorexic or bulimic, there’s going to be a shit storm. In six months she’ll do an interview about how she felt like she had to lose that weight in order to win, or in order to be respected She’ll cry, she’ll blame the show. And the marketers will have their hands full.

Rachel’s BMI is 18. Diagnosably underweight. the ideal body weight for someone 5’4, like Rachel, is 115- 127 lbs. She’s way off the mark.

I don’t think NBC should keep quiet about this issue. Rachel clearly swung too far in the other direction. And I’m going to make some noise to try to get them to react. It’s the right thing to do. What do you think about Rachel’s reveal?